The artist

Konstans Zafeiri - Inlenso
Greek Awarded Fine Art Photographer

Analogue Mamiya RZ67 medium format photography
Canon 5DS Full Frame digital photography


Inspiration can be found everywhere. When I feel open-minded, I can connect with the beauty of this world, and what I long for is this moment of revelation. It is a unique feeling to which I could even say that I am addicted.

I would like to reach a point where I can connect easily and to the maximum with my creative energy. It is very painful and unfair for an artist not to be able to succeed in that; and it is a process which requires a lot of self reflection and work with ourselves.

The poorer my artistic result is, the more commonplace and foreseeable my final artistic output, the more I realise that I have succumbed to the spiritual and mental strangulation of everyday life, to rigidly set mentalities and to the exhausting intellectual, social and personal vise that demands submission; it means that my spirit has remained shut and that there was no liberating connection with my creative energy reserves.

On the contrary, when my artistic work is vibrating and original, when it offers a refreshing viewpoint full of empathy to something that was expected to be different, then that means that finally new paths have been drawn and activated within me, paths which I was not aware of or that I was afraid to approach. For me this is a raison d'ĂȘtre and a kind of liberation, and I also hope that this way I offer others an alternative way to see the world we live in.

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