Welcome to my photography notes blog

This blog is just what the name implies: a photo note blog presenting my spontaneous everyday photographic view of the world when I visit a place and shoot photos. Things I find interesting, fun, controversial, challenging, inspiring; things I discover afterwards when I review my photos at home.
Some of the artworks presented in this blog will remain here, having fulfilled their purpose, while others could be the beginning of a new artistic project.
Above all, this blog represents the joy I feel when I take long, creative walks taking photos.
I hope you'll find this blog interesting and inspiring.

Konstans Zafeiri - Inlenso

Portfolio: http://www.inlenso.com
Inlenso Decor: https://inlenso.com/decor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inlenso
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E-mail: inlenso@gmail.com

Konstans Zafeiri - Inlenso
Awarded Fine art Photographer
Analogue Mamiya RZ67 medium format photography
Canon 5DS Full Frame digital photography

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