Konstans Zafeiri - Inlenso, Athens, Greece - London

Awarded Fine art Photographer
Analogue Mamiya RZ67 medium format photography
Canon 5DS Full Frame digital photography

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Visit me
You can meet me and see my work at the 4th floor of the 'Contemporary Athenian Artists' show room which is located at the Historical City Center of Athens, 
at 11 Miltiadou str. 10 minutes walk from Omonoia, Monastiraki or Syntagma Metro station.
I will be very happy to meet you in person and show you my work.

Next date where you can meet me:
Please e-mail me at or message me on to set an appointment.

'Contemporary Athenian Artists' show room
11 Miltiadou str, Historical City Center of Athens, 4th floor

Also find me at 'The Meet Market'

 Technopolis Gazi - Saturday 9 & Sunday 10, November 2019

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